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A Creator, not a winemaker Santiago Jordi, affectionately known as Santi, redefines the concept of being a wine producer in the heart of Andalusia. His approach transcends the traditional notion of a winemaker to assume himself as a passionate winemaker, dedicated to the creation of unique and unrepeatable wines

His work, anchored in different areas of Andalusia, is a testament to his personal philosophy: one that values individual expression, respect by the natural process, and artisanal production. This vision gives life to wines with vibrant personality, loaded with a distinctively Mediterranean character, which reflect the richness and diversity of the Andalusian terroir.

Exclusivity and Diversity

Each bottle of Santi Jordi wine is, in essence, a unique work of art, emerging from a continuous process of experimentation and an unwavering search for the excellence. This exclusivity is complemented by the diversity of Andalusia's wine landscapes, offering a range that goes from fresh and aromatic whites to intense and complex reds. Such variety ensures that each harvest is a new experience, turning its wines into objects of desire for collectors and enthusiasts in search of the exceptional.

International Recognition

International recognition has not been long in coming for Santi Jordi wines. Despite their limited production, they have managed to capture the attention and applause of the global wine scene, obtaining medals and awards in renowned competitions such as the International Wine Challenge and the Decanter World Wine Awards. This success underscores the universal resonance of their unique approach to viticulture and enology.

Beyond Wine

But Santi Jordi's contribution to the world of wine goes beyond the mere production of exceptional wines. He invites wine enthusiasts to explore his creative universe through personalized tours of his vineyards, exclusive tastings, and special events, offering a window to the passion and art behind each bottle. These unique experiences allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Santi Jordi, offering a deeper understanding of his creative process and the land he so deeply respects and celebrates.

A Toast to Creativity

Santi Jordi wines are an invitation to a sensory journey through Andalusia, promising to surprise with their originality and evoke the intense passion of their creator. They are a toast to creativity, art, and personal expression, and represent a wine experience that goes beyond taste to touch the heart and spirit of those who enjoy them. In the glass of Santi Jordi wine, one not only finds the exceptional flavor of Andalusia, but also the soul of an artist who sees in each grape an opportunity to tell a story, create an experience, and celebrate life.

Discover the magic of Santi Jordi in every glass immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience with our selection of wines from this emblematic winery. In Bodegas de Andalucía, your trusted Andalusian wines, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable tasting with the best wines from Santi Jordi.

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