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The Niño de la Salina Winery is a family winery, dedicated to the production of organic wine.

Andrés and Francisco, decided to found it because of a promise they made to their father, who was known in the area as "Andresito, el Niño de la Salina", he had the dream of founding his own winery.

More than a decade ago, Francisco and Andrés Fontalba, decided to develop the wine industry, along with other agricultural activities that they already carried out previously. This initiative has gradually become a family business, known as “Bodega Niño de la Salina”. The first productions gave rise to the origin of a young red with which it was possible to achieve the homage that the family was pursuing: Andresito. The objective of the Niño de la Salina Winery is to make a good wine, with excellent characteristics, traditional and organic production to make it available to everyone.

Our lands

The winery is located in the north of the province of Malaga, in the town of Almargen, bordering the provinces of Seville and Cádiz (Andalusia). The essential thing to make an excellent wine is an exceptional grape and we achieve this in a totally ecological and natural way. Types of grapes grown for the production of white wine are: Sauvignon blanc, Muscat with small grain (Moorish), Pedro Ximenez, Doradilla. For the production of red wine we have the following varieties: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo and Graciano.

From the ground to the table


The harvest is normally carried out in the middle of September, and can vary depending on the ripeness of the grape. Harvesting is done by hand and transported in a box, thus maintaining all the properties of the grape.


The grapes are transferred to the winery, for their destemming, which consists of removing the stem and breaking the grape.


If it is red what you want to make, the grapes are passed directly to the stainless steel fermentation tanks that are controlled by a cold jacket for alcoholic fermentation. If it is white, it goes directly to the press or to the tanks for maceration and subsequent pressing. In the case of red wine, once the alcoholic fermentation has finished, the racking is carried out for its pressing and separation of the wine from the skin, skin and bone and for its malolactic fermentation. If it is white wine we are making, once the fermentation is finished, it is transferred to a maintenance tank after separating the lees. Subsequently, the wines are clarified, stabilized and filtered prior to bottling.

Andalusian red wine, flavor and personality hand in hand, try it at Bodegas Andalucia.


In the event that you want to age the wine, it goes to wooden barrels for aging for a period that will depend on the type of wine we want to obtain: oak, aging, reserve and grand reserve. The barrels are American oak, with a French cut, with a capacity of 225 liters each.


After stabilization and filtering, packaging and labeling is carried out in an automatic and sterilized machine, to guarantee the highest quality of the wine. Once the bottle is full, it is placed in the boxes, to go to the finished products room for later distribution.

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