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Mr José Cabaleiro do Lago founded the first winery in Chipiona as a derivation of the oak wood business that the Cabaleiro family owned in Galicia.

In 1870, the family business changed its name to Antonio Caballero y Sobrinos. It was under this name that exports to England and America began.

190 years of passion for wine

During these years, the old vineyards of the family called “El Benito” and “Las Cruces” were regrouped, with an area of ​​105 hectares of the best lands in the area. They acquired the Luis Caballero Winery, owned by José de la Cuesta - founded in 1849 - and the businesses of John Williams Burdon - a house founded in 1821 - initiating a broad cycle of expansion, which was interrupted in 1936 by the Spanish Civil War.

Jerez wine, one of the best wines you will taste, personality and flavor, characteristic of these wines, you have it at Bodegas Andalucia.

The Luis Caballero Company became the first exporter from El Puerto de Santa María to England. In 1961 the Castillo de San Marcos became the emblem of the Company, incorporating its silhouette on the labels of its wines. Luis Caballero dedicated himself to taking care of the building, which was declared a Site of Cultural Interest, opening it to conferences, symposia, concerts ... Luis Caballero, incorporated in 1990 Bodegas Lustau, the only winery in Jerez, which produces wines in the three cities of the Marco. In 2008, the purchase of four emblematic Domecq brands was certified: Fino La Ina, Río Viejo, Viña 25 and Botaina.

23,50 €

Botaina wine is an amontillado wine full of nuances that brings together the best of its two raisings: the first as Fino, under veil of flower, and the second oxidative aging in which its color is accentuated and its aromas evolve.

6,20 €

Candela is a cream elaborated from the mixture of the best soleras of the wines Olorosos (Palomino) and Pedro Ximénez aged in American oak casks.

8,55 €

The wine is made 100% with the Palomino fino grape. The Rio Viejo wine is a dry Oloroso wine especially appreciated in its cradle, Jerez de la Frontera, maintaining its origin in the solera founded in 1918.

7,00 €

The wine Padre Lerchundi Moscatel de Chipiona is a Muscatel wine that commemorates the appointment of Father Lerchundi as the Favorite Son of the Villa de Chipiona in 1892

6,50 €

Pavón is an emblematic fine brand of Caballero Wineries located in El Puerto de Santa María. Fino Pavón is a simple and classic fine but not without the complexity of these generous wines. It is the perfect spring appetizer to accompany with Iberian ham, for example.

9,50 €

Viña 25 Pedro Ximénez is a generous wine whose designation of origin is Jerez-Xérès-Sherry. This Pedro Ximénez wine is made from the grape that gives it its name, the Pedro Ximénez grape.

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