Andalusian Wines: A sip of our culture

The Mediterranean climate and the mild climates of Andalusia make Andalusian wines undoubtedly unique, the prestige of a region that enjoys worldwide reputation and dedicated for decades to the production of this exquisite product that carries its name beyond our borders.

Andalusian wines have undoubtedly a particular flavor, whether by the way in which the grapes are grown, its climate or its way of preparation Andalusia carries the weight of one of the best wines in Spain and certainly one of the most sought after in the world.

The truth is not a novelty, because the cultivation of vines in its lands is undoubtedly ancient, which is why it has enjoyed great prestige and fame worldwide, either by its geographical position or climatic privileges, Andalusia is a place worthy of being named among the best producers in the world. Red or white wines, as you prefer, Andalusian wines enjoy a wide variety of flavors, which undoubtedly gives them a great attraction and is that since time immemorial Andalusian wines have been an exquisite delicacy for many cultures, so much so that even stole their shipments and sold them in other countries such as England.

Only the Andalusian wines have several denominations of origin, making different kinds of wines are offered, one for each taste, because among the Andalusian wines you can always find the one you like the most, because the wine culture dates back to 1100 BC.

Andalusian wines had their greatest apogee during the XVI and XVII centuries.

And undoubtedly it increased with the discovery of America because it was then when we began to export our wines to the new world, making Andalusian wines something transcendental.

But it was not until the 19th century that we took it upon ourselves to perfect the elaboration of Andalusian wines, with the creation of more and more elaborate wineries, and with the passing of time we began to mix our scientific knowledge with the traditional ways, improving to a great extent the product that for centuries forged the reputation of a region.

I would dare to affirm that an elemental part of our festival of senses are the Andalusian wines, because more than a wine, it is culture, it is tradition, being the emblem of a country whose history is told in a glass filled with the best wines of Spain.

vinos andaluces

They say that variety is the spice of life

Undoubtedly this statement applies completely to Andalusian wines, and even though many share the same production area, each wine has a characteristic flavor that makes it special.

A wine for every taste, as it is popular knowledge that there are different types of wine depending on the way it is made and the type of grape used, this is something that Andalusian wineries have been able to take advantage of, creating iconic products that please all tastes.

In Bodegas de Andalucia we bring you the best variety of Spanish wines, among them, those made in Andalucia, wines that tell history, wines that represent tradition. 

We have a great variety of experts who are in charge of choosing the best products in the market so that together with us you can enjoy the best products.

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