Andalusian Wines Why are they the best?

Without a doubt, we Spaniards are wine lovers and more than just a drink, it has become part of the daily life of many. Red, white, sweet or fortified, wine is one of the favorite drinks to accompany various meals or tapas also is a socializing element par excellence.

The extraordinary relevance that it has taken in Spain, has been transcending, not only from the economic or environmental point of view, but also from the social and cultural one, Andalusia has played a main role in the growth of this industry, making the Andalusian wines unique in the world.

Andalusia is so big, in many ways, that I would dare to say that it would be that great sleeping giant that at some point will triumph all over the world. One of those many aspects in which it could lead and be a national reference is that of wines, since Andalusian wines are a high quality product.

The Mediterranean climate and the mild average temperatures (around 16 degrees) are ideal for the elaboration of Andalusian wines, making this land an ideal place for the cultivation of vines and the production of wines of great fame.

The popularity of Andalusian wines has grown in recent years with the arrival of international recognition, which Andalusian wineries have taken advantage of for wine tourism.

Besides having a great wine culture, Spain has a great variety of wineries spread all over the national territory that produce a great quantity of wines that are part of the select group of the best in the world. Without a doubt, Andalusian wines are not left out of this group, making national production stand out.

There are those who say that wine is like soccer, that is to say, it is a whole culture that seems to unite the whole world, and the fact is that wine can no longer be drunk in almost any corner of the planet, but the list of producing countries seems to be countless.

Andalusian Wines

That is why the positioning of Andalusian wines is so important not only for Andalusia, but for all of Spain.

At Bodegas de Andalucía we want to offer you the best of Andalusian wines because in the end what we are most passionate about is being able to share our passion for wine with you.

Andalusian wines belong to an ancient wine lineage among which are the ports, the madeiras and the marsalas born in the 16th and 17th century with the rise of maritime trade.

Did you know that Andalusia is home to 6 of the best wines in Spain and the world?

That is right, after the International Wine Competition Bacchus (Bacchus is the only competition in Spain recognized by the OIV) where more than a hundred tasters have submitted their palates to 1,700 national and international references from 21 countries, among them were tasted wines from Andalusia as part of the participation of Spain.

During the competition, about 15 Spanish wines were awarded, of which 6 were wines from the south of Spain, specifically Andalusian wines.

At Bodegas de Andalucía we offer you the best selection of Andalusian wines that you can find on the market, products of excellent quality that will undoubtedly be part of your special moments.

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