Moments - Bodegas de Andalucía


I love breaking the rules and going against the grain, I think it's the most fun way to live, getting out of line, sitting in a different seat than what you've been told, quitting your job because you're unhappy and want to start a southern natural wine company on the internet...well, all those things that people look at you funny for and tell you you're crazy.

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  • vamonos_de_tapas.jpg?itok=RaRjIe7_

Let's go for tapas, let's go!!

  • secretos_compartidos.png?itok=hdSWaSbN

Shared Secrets

  • chocolate_negro.png?itok=enoxO_l7

Dar Chocolate

  • cena_para_4.jpg?itok=L70UKV3I

Dinner for 4

  • hoy_cocino_yo3.jpg?itok=z70NNMG9

I'm cooking today!

  • la_dolce_vita.png?itok=aCOsMB4g

La Dolce Vita

  • mexico_lindo.jpg?itok=3uNb02Kf

Mexico lindo!

  • me_han_invitado_a_una_cena.jpg?itok=2xI2

I've been invited to a dinner party!

  • sushi.jpg

Shall we order sushi?

  • solos_tu_y_yo.jpg?itok=ytgq5fL3

Just you and me...

  • que_celebramos.jpg?itok=wqM-HWzx

What are we celebrating?

  • mientras_cocinas.jpg?itok=DZCcSCeU

While you're cooking

  • un_dia_cualquiera2.jpg?itok=s3mKBlZm

Any day...

  • puro_habano.jpeg?itok=BnApC3io

A good Havana cigar