We all know the classic shades of wine, red and white are the most common, but what about rosé wine? These beverages gain real prominence in the high temperatures because they are quite peculiar, soft and delicate as the whites but with a body that characterizes them as the reds, generating that distinctive flavor that only a good rosé wine can have. They are usually much more fluid and agile on the palate, with that fruity touch that makes them so distinctive. 

Rosé wines are just red wines with little maceration, which changes not only their color, but also their taste and texture. All red wines have a strong red to violet hue as a result of the maceration of the red grape skins, which contain that characteristic coloring. Now, if this maceration lasts only one day, the color of the juice will be barely visible, somewhat faint, resulting in a rosé wine.

In general, rosé wines envelop you with their aromas, which range from a fruity touch to more floral notes, but not so marked, enveloping the palate with their soft, fresh and medium-bodied flavors, distinctive flavors that only rosé wines offer.

A middle ground, that is exactly what rosé wine is, it achieves that perfect balance that blends red and white wines in a perfectly structured bottle with flavors and aromas that complement each other. An excellent choice for when reds seem too heavy and whites too light.

Ideal to accompany various dishes, rosé wines are the perfect companion for salads and pastas. It certainly depends on the type of sauce, however, in general, it combines perfectly with almost everything that refers to pasta. In addition to fish, seafood and cheeses.

In Bodegas de Andalucía we offer you the best and widest selection of rosé wines, so that you can enjoy them at all times, because we love to be part of your special moments, offering you the best of the best.

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