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My name is Rubén, I’m from Sevilla and now I live in Madrid. Now I’m going to explain you for what is all this adventure of the south wines about!

This idea carried in my head around 4 or 5 years and the culprit of throwing myself to carry out this idea was precisely a radio program. As I live in Madrid, I went down for a week to Seville to see my family, and when I returned home on Sunday, I heard the radio broadcaster speak about the Andalusian wines on the radio program: red, white and rosé, natural wines (produced directly from the grape to the bottle), without artifices, elaborated by means of artisan processes, that is to say the "author wines".

Along the way I heard all this, and I always thought: "a product so good and of such quality how it is that is not known ... and where can be bought?" Those were my initial approaches. I came from an entrepreneurial family, and that spirit has always been present in me, despite the fact that when I finished college, I opted for the world of multinationals where I developed my entire career, but as I said, my family instilled in me that entrepreneurial spirit and also, I am a person of challenges, so I saw the right moment to face the most important challenge: leave everything to start from scratch and fulfil my dream: "create my own company" (what is currently known as " Start up ").

And from the first moment he was very clear how he wanted to do it, and the first thing to do was to know the wineries, the authors of these wines, their experiences and opinions, the whole process of elaboration and live the experience in first person and then tell you to you in all detail, so that, somehow, you too can live it. So much so that I have gone through all the wineries I am talking about here, I have met their owners, I have stepped on the field where the vines are planted, I have touched them, I have seen the process that follows after the harvest, I have I have lived the way wines are stored in steel tanks, clay vessels, barrels and bottles, I have tasted broths straight from the clay pot or the boot ... but for me, the most important of all this adventure has been to live the Experiences of each of the people I have met.

Thanks to this I discovered a wonderful world, I started this adventure with great enthusiasm and a great motivation to fulfil one of my main dreams.

I must also thank all those people, hardworking, who has always encouraged me to put my idea in motion and not let anything or anyone stop me in this project, with which I can guide people seeking the difference, Get out of the routine, live new experiences through different natural wines, made in a traditional way, feel the stories behind, and break with the monotony and ignorance of the wines they consume.

Now you are the protagonist, take a walk through the wines and wineries, know the stories behind, all told by their creators and owners, how they came up with the idea of ​​creating the wine or the winery, where the name comes from, curious facts that you can count on when it comes to serving the wine, and stories of great interest to you and the diners who delight in the wine you choose from this page, which will be unique, without a doubt. I also tell you how I experienced the experience of visiting each of the wineries.

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or need to help you with the choice of a wine, I will be happy to do so.

A big hug,


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Have a nice day, Rubén.

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