Natural Wines

They are wines without sulphites, without added yeasts, without filtering or clarifying, without additives of any kind, a living product in constant evolution and with an expiry date. They are signature wines, seeking the minimum intervention both in the field and in the winery. Their production is lower and their price is higher. Their detractors claim that they are wines with faults, but their followers drink nothing else. These are some of the premises they must fulfill:

1. CULTIVATION that respects the environment: Some type of agriculture is practiced, such as organic or biodynamic, or simply follow ancestral methods using only natural products. The natural cycles are respected. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, systemic fungicides or genetically manipulated organisms are used.

2. The VINE GROWER is the AUTHOR: The Author of the wine controls the vineyard, is responsible for all the work that is done and makes the decisions.

3. AUTHENTICITY and SINGULARITY: The grapes must reflect the conditions of the land and the vintage. The work is manual and handmade.

The wine is not filtered or clarified, in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the wine.
No commercial yeasts or any other product are used to accelerate or conduct alcoholic fermentation.
No malolactic bacteria are used to accelerate or conduct malolactic fermentation.
Acidity is not corrected (with tartaric or citric acid or any other substance).
It is not led with alcohol.
No ascorbic acid, sorbic acid or potassium sorbate, antibiotics are used.
No flavours are added.
No wood chips or pieces of wood are used for flavoring.
No reverse osmosis, concentration, cryomaceration or any other technique involving artificial disintegration of the components of the must or wine is used.
It is not clarified, it is left to the wine itself to do this operation, with the help of time.
It is not filtered, so that natural components beneficial to the natural evolution of the wine are not eliminated.
4. SULPHUROSE ANHYDRIDE (SO2 - sulphite -) IS NOT USED: The wine must not have SO2 (sulphite) added, the level of Total SO2 guaranteed by official analysis must correspond to something generated by the wine itself in its process or to deviations caused by analytical methods, never to additions made by the winemaker.

5. You say what you do and you do what you say: Honesty and transparency are the main values of natural wine producers. The whole production process is informed. Chemical analyses of the wines are available to clients and consumers. There is coherence between what is transmitted and the wine that is produced.
As the creators of these wines often say: "the grape goes from the vine to the bottle".

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