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Castillo de Camino Duquesa de Medinaceli

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The Arbequina woman was introduced to Spain in the 18th century by the Duke of Medinaceli, Barón de Arberca, who brought it from Palestine. This is why La Casa de Medinaceli wanted to honor the origin of this variety by launching a new limited-edition Arbequino oil that we have produced from Castillo de Canena.

Castillo de Canena

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Castillo de Canena has produced this Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina Variety Special Edition for the Ducal House of Medinaceli because it seems that it was the 11th Duke of Medinaceli, Lord of the Villa de Arbeca (Lérida), who introduced it to Spain in the 18th century This variety of olive originating in Palestine, and from Arbeca, would be called Arbequina. This new oil is a mixture, a blend of different oils, all of the same variety, but collected at different times of the harvest, from the fruits of the first day of harvest to the most mature. A complex oil rich in nuances made for a special historical link between Castiilo de Canena and the Casa de Medinaceli.

This extra virgin olive oil is made by selecting and mixing the different oils, all of the same variety and from the same farm, collected throughout the entire harvest, the youngest fruits of the first day and the most mature of the end of it will bring to the blend different nuances and aromas. The olives are collected mechanically by vibration. The oil is extracted by means of a centrifuge at a 20º T and stored in stainless steel tanks under a nitrogen atmosphere.

Intense apple green. On the nose it is sweet green fruit, ripe tomato, fruity notes of apple, banana, and bitter hints of almond. The palate is silky, smooth with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Salads, baked fish, vinaigrettes, oriental food.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the graphic design of this brand is based on a fourteenth-century manuscript, specifically on a series of drawings and decorative heraldic ornaments, from the time of the 1st Count of Medinaceli. In our case, we present a metallic green bottle with a delicate serigraphy in the colors of the house.

Tipo de VinoAceites
Variedad AceiteArbequina

COMPRAR Castillo de Camino Duquesa de Medinaceli

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