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Micaela Amontillado

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An elegant and well presented Amontillado de Sanlúcar made by Bodegas Barón, a historic winery founded in 1871, with its own vineyard in the main Sanlúcar vineyards, such as Atalaya or Carrascal. Micaela Amontillado is part of the extensive Micaela range of wines from Marco del Jerez to which this winery has given a radical change in terms of image and presentation.


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It is obtained from the complete fermentation of palomino grapes, this Amontillado is a unique wine, fruit of the fusion of two types of aging, biological and oxidative. It’s particular aging process begins, as in the case of ‘manzanilla’, with an initial phase called ‘velo de flor; throughout the early years in the ‘criaderas’ the wine acquires sharp notes that accentuates its dry palate. From the point of disappearance of the ‘velo de flor’ causes a second phase of oxidative aging that gradually will darken the wine and it will provide concentration and complexity.

Tasting Notes: Old golden colour and the smell uncovers the sense of a praline chocolate box, liquor chocolates, toasted caramel, nuts, bitter almonds, natural woods and a recognising salt mixture of acetaldehydes puncturing the pituitary gland. This wine provides in mouth a powerful entrance and fills the palate with a silky sensation. An iodine and bitter almond taste appears at this stage with a spicy and warm feeling that if held in mouth, you will squeeze the most of this flavour. It will leave a fresh taste during it’s long disappearing stage.

Pairing: With almonds, Morcón and Iberian ham, grilled asparagus, artichokes cream, sauteed smoked mushrooms and white meats, salmon, herring, oven lamb and rice with rabbit.

The Micaela brand has been in the Barón de Sanlúcar de Barrameda wineries for decades, a winery with more than 400 years of history. With the new times, they have gone from a primitive label to one of the most beautiful and colorful designs that stand out on the shelves of wine shops. Floral motifs fill the space, with contrasts of green, yellow, red and pink tones. The capsule continues along the same lines, although with the floral illustration in black and white. The amontillado, the cream and the stick cut from the same warehouse, use the same design with some changes.

Tipo de VinoAmontillado
Vinos de AutorEcológico
VariedadPalomino Fino
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - MomentsAppetiser
Pairing - People“The central core”
Pairing - MusicLole y Manuel

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