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Vinagre Reserva Barbadillo Pulverizador

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Vinegar made through the spontaneous (or natural) acetification of Manzanilla, aged for years in our wineries in Sanlúcar de Barrameda using the traditional method of Solearas and Criaderas.


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Its long aging and the quality of the wines that originate it produce a rich and wide aromatic range and a harmonious and intense bouquet.

Historically, the singularities of the winery industry and the pride of the family meant that no one wanted to admit that some of their wines had been "diverted" to vinegar, which is why this product was euphemistically called "stew wine". Therefore, residually, they were marketed only among employees, family and friends.

The evolution of consumer tastes, in search of a better quality of life, together with the rediscovery of traditional foods, such as olive oil and true sherry vinegar, have led us to present our family reserve of vinegar, bottled in two different types of packaging, a half bottle of 37.5 Cl. and a 25Cl bottle. equipped with a sprayer that facilitates the application of vinegar in a more homogeneous way.

Tipo de VinoVinegar
VariedadPalomino 100%

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