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Vinagre Fernando Rey de Castilla Tradicion

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The traditional sherry vinegar Fernando de Castilla is a gourmet vinegar made in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. It is therefore an Andalusian vinegar made with palomino grapes with a year of aging in barrel.

Rey Fernando de Castilla

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The process of making sherry vinegar is similar to that carried out to make sherry wine, the system of criaderas and solera of this method gives rise to vinegars that acquire characteristics of aging. This method of craftsmanship of the house Fernando de Castilla gives rise to the name of vinegar, traditional vinegar.

Traditional sherry vinegar Fernando de Castilla has a dense and clean structure, a mahogany color and a fruity flavor with notes of hazelnut and other nuts from its aging in wood. Protected by the denomination of origin Vinagre de Jerez, this seasoning is recommended for the elaboration of pickles, dressing of simple salads, sauces such as barbecue sauce, tartar sauce or vinaigrette and even for dishes in which the vinegar intervenes providing a touch of acidity like the trickle of vinegar that some people put on lentils.

You can tell this when serving: Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla receives his name in honor of this king, also called "El Santo", who conquered much of Andalusia in the thirteenth century and who discovered the exceptional qualities of soil and climate to produce wines of exceptional quality.

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