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BadMan Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah 2016

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The Bad Man wines project officially starts in January 2016 with the intention of doing something new, modern and fresh in the mountainous area of Ronda, and with a clear idea, to get wines that express the special characteristics that the terroir of this magnificent area possesses viticultural

BadMan Wines

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The Bad Man wine is a wine from Málaga, and it is a red wine. This wine is a CABERNET SAUVIGNON-SYRAH, and it is unique, since it is characterized by the mixture of varieties. These varieties are each made in different ways, that is, a series of techniques are used for each and indigenous yeasts are used. This wine has a long aging, which makes it a powerful, elegant and intense wine both in the mouth and on the nose, maintaining a good structure.

You can tell this when serving: The name of this wine comes from the names of the two owners, who in turn are the oenologists of the brand, Simbad and MANuel. Inseparable friends of all the life, from small until now, Simbad and Manuel studied together and once they finished their studies they decided to throw themselves into the world of the wines. They worked in many countries for years to be able to train and acquire the experience and knowledge necessary to be better winemakers and bring us these high quality wines.

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadCabernet Sauvignon y Syrah
Denominación de OrigenDO Sierra de Málaga

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