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Xixarito Oloroso

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Coming from the complete fermentation of palomino grape musts, the olorosos are "vocational" wines; the special structure that they show from the beginning advise the catadores their classification for oxidative aging.


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Process  and Aging: This wine comes from the complete fermentation of ‘Palomino’ grapes.‘Olorosos’ are “vocational” wines; it’s special structure advise tasters selection for the oxidative aging. The initial heading to 17% vol. Alcohol prevents the development of ‘velo de flor’, so the wine ages exposed at all times to the slow action of oxygen through the traditional ‘criaderas’ and solera system. The slow water loss through the walls of the barrels promotes a continuous process of concentration, which makes the wine winning in structure, softness and complexity.
Tasting Notes: Wine of an amber to mahogany colour, its aromas are warm and round.

With pronounced aromas of dried nuts, such as walnuts, toasted notes, vegetables and balsamic reminiscent of hardwood, blond snuff and dry leaves. You can note spicy and reminiscent aromas of truffles and leather. On the mouth are tasty and very structured wines. Powerful, round and full-bodied. They have long aftertaste and retronasal complex aromas.
Pairing: Cured cheese (Manchego, Idiazabal and Parmesan) stews and game meats, cheeks, piglet and Tataky red tuna, bouef Bour Guignon and deer stew.

Storage recommendations: The boxes must be stored in a cool, dry place. Serve at room temperature  14-17ºC.

Tipo de VinoOloroso
VariedadPalomino Fino
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - MomentsDinner for 4
Pairing - People“The central core”
Pairing - MusicThe Rolling Stones

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