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Pasio Roble

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So the name of this wine is "Pasio" that in Esperanto means Passion, international language developed to create a common and neutral means of communication, that unite all the languages in one. 


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Pasio Roble is a red wine made from Tempranillo and Syrah grapes. It is an organic wine. According to José María Caballo and Myrian Ordóñez define their project: "We wanted to use a common language: that of wine. That is why the motto of our humble wine cellar is" Life according to the grapes ", in order to try to understand the world from its particular point of view and Let them speak." "And passion" is the engine that drives our project.  It’s a feeling of love and respect for the land, culture, vine, wine ...  and for humanity. "

So they tell me verbatim how this wine was born: “For this wine we choose the varieties of Tempranillo and Syrah: The Tempranillo we plant is actually a clone of Tinta de Toro. We chose it because this variety has been changing for many years in Toro (Zamora) where smaller berries are produced (better proportion skins / must) and with thicker skin to protect against the harsh climate that reigns in that area. Skin is where the main attributes of the future wine are found: Anthocyanins for colour and other Polyphenols that provide better acidity, finesse, aging capacity ...)

The Syrah plant, among other reasons, because it is considered by many the best variety in the world, but because it is a very versatile variety with which can be made almost all types of wines (young, aged, pink, red, single-varietals, coupages ...)

In short, Pasio Roble is a kind, floral, fresh and persistent wine.

You can tell this while serving:  The label representing this wine is an original watercolour created by Eva María Caballo, the sister of José María, and represents a microscopic section of the oak used in the barrels where this wine has aged, and has also used the ink of its own grapes. Pasio Roble, has already achieved in its first and only produced edition (2013) a Gold Medal in the 2015 International Wine Award for the best "new wine", and a Silver in Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2015.

Tipo de VinoTinto
Vinos de AutorEcológico
VariedadTempranillo (65%) y Syrah (35%)
Denominación de OrigenIGP Altiplano de Sierra Nevada
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - PeopleYour best friend
Pairing - MusicThe Rolling Stones

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