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The ValleHondo wine is a red wine, whose Denomination of Origin is Condado de Huelva. This wine from Huelva is made with the Syrah grape.

Contreras Ruiz

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This wine comes from a fourth generation family who fought to make the production of red wine a reality in a winery that, traditionally and for four generations, has only made white wine with Zalema variety. For its elaboration the Syrah variety is used, coming from a vineyard planted by the grandfathers of this current generation, concretely at the beginning of years 80.

The age of the vineyard (30 years), the land where it lives and the climatic conditions of the same, oriented looking for the salinity of the wind coming from the sea and Doñana, are factors that favoured the optimum ripening of the variety to achieve a perfect expression and taste.

You can tell this while serving:  This wine went through a change of name and label in order to achieve a more renowned identity, even more so, and in relation to the geographical area (hence the name of the vineyard), so they wanted an image that Was more classic and "Frenchfied", so that it is rounded in French oak barrels. The red line of the label represents the deepest area of the valley where the Vallehondo estate is located, located in a trough in Rociana del Condado (Huelva). From the cellar they send me a photo of Google Earth and literally you can see how the farm is divided in two with a line right in the centre, as if it were a folio that you fold in half and you open it, leaving the fold in the Part "deeper" as well as the deep zone of the valley. That is where the name "Vallehondo" comes from.

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadSyrah 100%
Denominación de OrigenDO Condado de Huelva
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - People“The central core”
Pairing - MusicSpin Doctors

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