Gobernador Oloroso Seco

Gobernador Oloroso Seco


GOVERNADOR is a clear exponent of oloroso wine strong> subjected during its aging to the slow action of oxygen and prolonged aging in American oak butts chosen for their winemaking. It shows great elegance as a result of an intentional and brief initial evolution under a flower veil.


The Governor Oloroso Dry Wine is raised in the lands of Jerez, therefore it is one of the sherry wines. This oloroso wine is made with the Palomino grape variety. Its aging is subject to the slow action of oxygen and its aging is prolonged in American oak casks.

Unique characteristics of Oloroso wine

Elaboration and Oxidative Aging

Made with the prestigious Palomino grape, the GovernorOloroso Dry is an aromatic wine that undergoes oxidative aging that increases its alcohol content to between 17% and 18%. This technique gives the wine unparalleled richness and complexity.

Aromatic and gustatory profile of the Oloroso

This Oloroso wine has a color that ranges between amber and mahogany, this wine captivates with an aromatic profile of dried fruits, such as walnut, and notes of vanillin. Its character is enriched with hints of spice, leather and a soft presence of glycerin.


It is amber in color. It has a warm, round, unctuous, full aroma. Walnut, vanilla. Wide, fleshy, dry mouth.

Tips for tasting and serving

This fragrant wine is theperfect companion for red meats, game and aged cheeses, elevating stews and stews to a new culinary dimension. From spoon dishes to intense cured meats, the Governor Oloroso Seco harmonizes magnificently, offering a perfect balance in every bite.

Excellent aromatic wine in a multitude of options. Highly recommended with nuts, as an appetizer accompanying Iberian meats, as well as almost all types of cheeses and pickles. On the table excellent with stews, oxtail, structured meats, game, etc.

This fragrant wine should be served in a large catavino or wine glass where it can express its qualities. We recommend a service temperature of 12-14º.

Ideal temperature and presentation

Served at 12º to 14º C, this wine reveals all its facets, from its complex bouquet to its elegant finish in the mouth. Ideal for celebrations or to enhance any meal, this wine adds a touch of distinction and depth to any occasion.

Dry Odorous Governor: a quality choice

What differentiates it from other fragrant wines?

This Oloroso wine is distinguished by its aging method and its complexity. The notes of noble wood and its silky texture make it an exclusive selection.

Recognitions and expert opinions

Applauded for its exceptional quality, Gobernador Oloroso Seco is an oenological gem, appreciated in circles of experts and amateurs. For those interested in acquiring the Gobernador Oloroso Seco, we invite you to visit Bodegas de Andalucía, our online store where you will find this and otherexceptional Oloroso wines, perfect for any demanding palate.

Tipo de Vino
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry

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