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Cueva La Sima White

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Cueva La Sima is a project by Bodegas La Margarita with a very exclusive production of just 600 bottles.

La Margarita

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A white wine made with Chardonnay grapes (88%) and Airen (12%), a combination not very common by itself. But perhaps its greatest originality lies in the fact that this white wine remains nine months in chestnut wood barrels from trees from the farm itself and resting in earthen jars.

Cueva La Sima appears in the glass as a clean and bright wine, with a surprising pink gold tone. On the nose we appreciate notes of plant species typical of the region with some nuance of nuts, such as a traditional stew with almond thistle, all tinged with memories of lees and toasted aging. The palate has good acidity and body, is fatty, enveloping the palate, dry. The palate is sensual and elegant, with good persistence that leaves slight mineral notes.

Tell this when serving: The Cave of Sima, located almost in the old town of Constantina (where the winery is located in the northern Sierra of Seville), is a paleosumidero that collected runoff water and inside which circulated a course of permanent water, responsible for the erosion of the rock and the expansion of fissures and cracks to form galleries. In the cave of La Sima have been found from remains associated with a burial dated around 2,500 BC to a skeletal remnant of wild bull from the year 72,500 BC.

Tipo de VinoBlanco
VariedadChardonnay y Airen
Denominación de OrigenVT Sierra Norte de Sevilla
Pairing - MomentsHow about order sushi?
Pairing - People She/ He
Pairing - MusicVetusta Morla

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