Zancúo Roble Español

Zancúo Roble Español


Zancúo Spanish oak. A reserve red wine aged for 36 months in oak of national origin, made with 100% Tempranillo variety.


El Zancúo Roble Español represents the pinnacle of quality in the world of Tempranillo wines. Originating from the lush Finca in the Sierra Norte of Seville, this wine is distinguished by its unique production process and a flavor profile that has seduced connoisseurs globally.

The heart of the zancúo: tempranillo

The soul of Zancúo Roble Español lies in the Tempranillo grape, meticulously selected and hand-harvested during the cool nights. This careful beginning guarantees superior quality, highlighting the freshness and natural flavors that define this wine.

Aging in Spanish oak: an oenological art

The 36-month aging in Spanish oak barrels is what really defines the Zancúo Spanish Oak. This maturation period gives it a solid structure and a perfect balance between wood notes and the softness of malolactic fermentation.

Pairing and service: the ideal combination

The Spanish Oak Zancúo is the perfect companion for intense flavors such as Wild Boar Stew or roast lamb. Its elegant tannins and rich fruit notes complement perfectly with aged cheeses. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to serve at a temperature of 16º – 18º.

International awards: symbol of excellence

Its quality has not only conquered palates but also international juries, obtaining 3 consecutive Gold Medals in France and the “Mosque” award in 2020. These recognitions underline its position as a wine of world prestige.

Acquisition of the Spanish oak stilt

Available in an elegant Premium Bordeaux-type Bottle, the Zancúo Roble Español can be purchased in select stores and on online platforms, providing the opportunity for wine enthusiasts around the world to Enjoy this oenological masterpiece.

A wine that inspires

The Zancúo Roble Español is more than a wine; it is a testament to the dedication and excellence at every stage of its creation. From the meticulous cultivation of the grapes to their careful aging in oak barrels, every detail contributes to a wine that not only delights but also inspires. And for those looking to experience the best of this wine, Bodegas Andalucía is the ideal destination. With its expert selection and passion for quality wines,Bodegas Andalucía is the perfect place to purchase your bottle of Zancúo Roble Español, guaranteeing an unparalleled wine experience.

Tipo de Vino
Denominación de Origen
VT Sierra Norte de Sevilla
Pairing - Moments
Wine for a present
Pairing - People
“The central core”
Pairing - Music

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