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Amontillado Botaina

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Botaina wine is an amontillado wine full of nuances that brings together the best of its two raisings: the first as Fino, under veil of flower, and the second oxidative aging in which its color is accentuated and its aromas evolve.

Luis Caballero

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Botaina Wine is a wine from Jerez (sherry wine) and is an amontillado wine that is full of different nuances, as this wine obtains the best during its two raisings: the first raising is like a fine wine, under the veil of a flower, and the second raising is oxidative ageing in which its colour is accentuated and its aromas evolve.

This wine is a bright topaz color. It enters punctually to the palate, is full of personality and maintains a magnificent presence in the mouth, balanced at the same time as full of nuances. It is very dry, vigorous. Very long and with elegant aftertaste that reveals subtle memories of its biological aging.

This wine is excellent to take it with nuts or accompanied by grilled tuna. This wine is also great as a digestive.

Tipo de VinoAmontillado
VariedadPalomino Fino
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Guía Parker92

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