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Within this production it is necessary to differentiate that in each variety the care is of a different form under integral cultivation: that is to say, it is realized with minimum doses of fertilization and phytosanitary treatments, being close to the ecological viticulture. The productions of 6613 – 7713 pounds, are controlled by thinning clusters.

Luis Pérez

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The Samarucco wine is a red wine. This wine from Cadiz is made with the grape varieties Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Tempranillo.

The harvest is done manually and in small boxes that do not exceed 33 pounds. The selection of the grapes is made in the vineyard and in the selection table in the cellar.

Each variety is made separately in stainless steel tanks. A pre-fermentation maceration is carried out at 5 ° C and then fermentation at controlled temperature at intervals of 59 ° Fahrenheit to 82 ° Fahrenheit during maceration for 20 days. After the malo-lactic fermentation Luis Pérez makes a special selection of the deposits to be assembled.

After this process comes the time of rest, in which the wines are aged for 12 months in French oak barrels half a plus one year of use. Wine is not filtered or clarified. At the end of the breeding season in the bottle, the wine is ready to drink.

You can tell this while serving: The two passions of this family are the wine and breeding of Jack Russell dogs, of which it has 9 as a pet. That is why, when designing and designing an image for their production that defines them, one of their daughters brought them the idea. And this is how his pet, as a member of the family, was reflected in the logo of the winery and in two of his wines, Samaruco and Petit Verdot, winking at the latter to El Principito.

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadSyrah (50.41%) Merlot (25.10%.) Petit Verdot (13. l0%) Tempranillo (9.98%)
Denominación de OrigenVT Cádiz
Pairing - MomentsDinner for 4
Pairing - People Only 4: you, me, and...
Pairing - MusicJuanito Makandé

COMPRAR Samaruco

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