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Tintilla Luis Perez

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Tintilla Luis Pérez is a red wine, which is made, as its name suggests, from 100% Tintilla de Rota grapes. It is a wine from Cadiz.

Luis Pérez

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The production of this wine aims at the respectful treatment of the vineyard allowing it to express to the maximum its personality and terrain. The Albariza soil gives an unmistakable character to the vineyards there.

The harvest is done at night, manually and in small boxes that do not exceed 33 pounds. The selection of the grapes takes place in the vineyard and in the selection table in the cellar.

The clusters are completely destalked and are incubated by gravity. The maceration is pre-fermentative at 41 ° Fahrenheit and after fermentation at controlled temperature at intervals of 59 ° Fahrenheit to 71.6 ° Fahrenheit the same is repeated for 20 consecutive days.

Subsequently, the lees are separated from the fermentation and by means of a tasting they select the most appropriate ones. After the malo-lactic fermentation in barrels, the wines are aged for 16 months in French oak barrels. The Battonage is performed for 4 months. All of this is carried out without clarifying the wine.

You can tell this while serving:  The passions of this family are the wine and the dogs, concretely the race Jack Russell, since they are dedicated to the breeding of this Australian race of which they currently own 9 dogs. That is why, when creating a logo that illustrates the first wine from this winery did not hesitate to translate these two passions, and thus his pet, as a member of the family, was reflected in the logo of the winery and in two of his wines, Samaruco and Petit Verdot, winking in the latter at El Principito.

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadTintilla de Rota 100%
Denominación de OrigenVT Cádiz
Pairing - MomentsI have been invited to a dinner!
Pairing - PeopleThe Family
Pairing - MusicU2

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