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Delirio Roble

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The third wine of the Delirio family, thus closing the trilogy of "the young people" of Bodegas Muñana, wines made for young people and especially for those who want to enter into this wonderful world of wine, which until then was too "serious" and "boring" according to the owners of the winery in 2009. 


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Delirio Roble Wine, the "hipster", is a red wine, which is also a monovarietal like the other "young" of the winery, in this case Merlot grape, which curiously is a grape that is usually used only as a complement in coupages and in small percentages to provide flavor. This wine would be the previous step to the collection Ñ of the Winery, more complex wines of elaboration and with more route.

Tell this when you serve it: For the name of the Delirio family hundreds were shuffled to reach the 3 finalists: "symphony", "madness" and "delirium". Once the wine finishes its ageing and they taste the result, they discover that it is so different, surprising, friendly, expressive and fresh, that it was clear to them that "drinking it is a Delirium".

The funny labels arise from a contest that the winery carries out with the Escuela de Arte de Granada, they needed "that" that would make them connect with the public to whom they were directed. Curiously, it is the contestants themselves who propose to the winery to make a trilogy of wines with labels that could be collectible, and this is where the "young people" from Bodegas Muñana come from: Delirio Joven, Delirio Rosado and Delirio Roble.

Delirio Roble, the "Hipster", is "El Deseo", a daring, tempting and velvety wine.

V.T. Altiplano of Sierra Nevada

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadMerlot 100%
Denominación de OrigenIGP Altiplano de Sierra Nevada
Pairing - MomentsThe Dolce Vita
Pairing - PeopleThe Family
Pairing - MusicThe Barber of Seville

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