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Muñana Rojo

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Muñana Rojo is the first wine of the winery, created by the first owners with the varieties existing at that time in the estate (Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell) that they bottled in small quantities to sell most of the production in bulk to other countries, which they then bottled and sold as their own. This was in 1980.


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Muñana Rojo wine is the first wine of the winery, made with the varieties existing at that time in the estate Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell. It is aged for 12 months, and is a fresh wine, where spicy aromas and certain touches of fruit stand out, making it a tasty, deep and pleasant wine, pleasantly surprising when you try it. This wine is awarded every year with a gold or silver medal in international competitions.

Tell this when you serve it: The aging of the wines is totally natural, starting from the fact that it is carried out in natural clay caves located in the interior of the mountains, within the lands of the Sierra Nevada plateau. To this we must add that the water used for irrigation belongs to the 2 lakes where the waters of the Sierra Nevada thaw flow. All this makes that so much temperature, humidity and water create the microclimate and the perfect conditions to give shape to the wines.

Originally there was only one of the wines with the name of Muñana and the "Ñ" on the label, but when the second wine arrives from the winery, people start to call the first one Muñana Rojo because of the colour of the name on the label, and from there the name of this wine "Muñana Rojo".

They tell us in the winery that the fact of having the "Ñ" as a brand name has helped them a lot when it comes to promoting themselves, since every time Spain makes an event at a national or international level they count on this wine for what the label symbolizes.

VT Altiplano Sierra Nevada

Tipo de VinoTinto
VariedadTempranillo (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) y Monastrell (10%)
Denominación de OrigenIGP Altiplano de Sierra Nevada
Pairing - MomentsHow about order sushi?
Pairing - PeopleYour best friend
Pairing - MusicVetusta Morla

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