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Osborne RARE Sherry Amontillado Solera AOS

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Undoubtedly, the Amontillado is the most complex wine among the generous, a wine with the nerve of biological aging and the nobility of oxidation; This Amontillado AOS is nobility, it is oxidative, it is concentration and depletion, but without masking a large biological room, showing an incisive nose, while dry and with a bitter finish on the palate.


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The 'Amontillado Solera AOS' comes from a solera created in 1903 by Tomas Osborne Guezala, to commemorate the birth of his son Antonio Osborne, hence the name chosen for the wine. A selection of the best amontillado boots from the La Palma winery, located on the street of the same name in El Puerto de Santa María, which should remain unaltered until his child reached the age of majority, which would not be bottled until 1924. We are facing an exceptional Amontillado.

The Regulatory Council of the D.O. del Marco del Jerez catalogs as VORS (Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum in Latin and in English Very Old Rare Sherry), wines with more than 30 years of average aging. These unique wines constitute the great oenological reserve of the Marco de Jerez. Undoubtedly the wines with the greatest aromatic complexity and the most valued for their organoleptic characteristics.

Tell this when serving: the name refers to the initials of the son of Tomás Osborne, Antonio Osborne, followed by the S de solera.

Tipo de VinoAmontillado
VariedadPalomino Fino
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Guía Parker97
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - PeopleThe brother with which you’ve something special
Pairing - MusicSade

COMPRAR Osborne RARE Sherry Amontillado Solera AOS

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