Misterio Oloroso Muy Viejo

Misterio Oloroso Muy Viejo


Vinícola del Condado is a cooperative society created in 1955 that currently has a number of members close to 500, with facilities that reach some 30,000 square meters and a storage capacity of more than 40 million liters. It is located in Bollullos Par del Condado, near the Doñana National Park


Among the Andalusian wines, the oloroso is the one that has best represented the good work of the wineries of Condado de Huelva. Bodegas Privilegio del Condado has this oenological jewel, an authentic treasure of more than 70 years old, which it recovers for the enjoyment of your palate. Aged and matured in the silent gloom of the old walls of an old Bollullos winery, this wine is proof of Privilegio del Condado's commitment to maintaining an oenological wealth that is unique and exclusive to the South of Spain, and whose social, cultural and historical transcends the purely commercial.

It is very attractive to the eye, with a beautiful mahogany color and pearly reflections. On the nose it is a very clean, intense and elegant wine, with aromas of wood and oxidative aging. Its pungent memories of nuts, toffee and coffee stand out. On the palate it is dry, full of flavors, persistent and tasty. Complex and very balanced, and very persistent in the aftertaste.

We recommend enjoying it alone, slowly. Handkerchief wine.

Tell this when serving it: A sample of the best product obtained by the winery families is kept in a room in the winery, called a sacristy, designed to host and share. Hence the custom of impregnating a handkerchief with a couple of drops of some of the amontillados and fragrant aromas with deeper and more intoxicating aromas. Some say that to perfume and captivate; others say to be able to smell the handkerchief and enjoy the wine even when not drinking.

We can hear that they are called mystery wines, to meditate, bedroom, kiss (short sip but long-lasting flavor) ... Handkerchief wines seem the coolest thing to me if I had to choose, that's why wanting to take it as one more part that you saw body.

Tipo de Vino
Denominación de Origen
DO Condado de Huelva
Pairing - Moments
Secrets shared
Pairing - People
Your best friend
Pairing - Music
The Barber of Seville
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