Invito Vermouth Rojo

Invito Vermouth Rojo


This vermouth is made without added alcohol, which makes it very digestive as it contains only the natural alcohol characteristic of its production. It is made with the system of aging and vintages of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso that have in the winery, the corresponding essences "that I will not tell you what they are" (and I quote literally), to finally introduce it in American oak barrels.


Invito Vermouth Rojo wine is a Vermouth that is made without the addition of alcohol, that is, it only keeps the natural alcohol. The grapes used for this wine are Garría Fina and Pedro Ximénez.

It is elaborated with the system of agings and vintages of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso that they possess in the winery, the corresponding essences "that I am not going to say to you which they are" (and I quote literally), to finally introduce it in American oak barrels.

According to Rafael Salado, the fifth generation and current head of the winery, the wines of the house have always been related to the men of the house (musts, manzanillas, olorosos, etc. with names like "Don Curro", "Tio Pedro", "Abuelo Rafael"...) in homage to all of them, but they had an outstanding tribute to their grandmother Brígida, a descendant of the family of Bodegas Pichardo in La Palma del Condado (Huelva), a winery very well known in the 30's and 40's for its wines and above all for its vermouth, called "Vermut Pichardo", made with a secret, homemade formula of the family that grandmother Brígida kept throughout the years and which four years ago they rescued in Bodegas Salado.

The Pedro Ximénez gives it a velvety taste, giving it a very fine and elegant sweetness at the end, adding a lot of cinnamon to the secret formula which makes it a vermouth that is not very bitter and very digestive.

Tell this when you serve it: Vermouth is a word of French origin that means "without dyeing" and comes from the German "wermut". Although people confuse it, it is not a distillate, it is made from red wine macerated in herbs, more specifically red wine, wormwood and other bitter substances. One of the origins could be in the Romans, who already flavored wines with various herbs and spices to achieve prolonged conversations.

Tipo de Vino
Garría Fina y Pedro Ximénez
Denominación de Origen
VT Sevilla
Pairing - Moments
Pairing - People
Friends, the more, the better
Pairing - Music
Vetusta Morla


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