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¿Light? - No Thanks

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The wine Fire? No Thanks is a wine from the Sánchez Romate winery. This wine is made with the Palomino grape variety.

Sánchez Romate Hnos S.A.

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This sherry immediately captures our attention by its label, it refers to the movie Breakfast at Tiffany 's , legendary film starring Audrey Hepburn. You vieseis the film that you'll remember cat, cigar and unforgettable black dress artist.

Based on this medium they are amontillado from different screeds Romate Sánchez.

Wine type: Medium (Generosos).

Region: Jerez (Andalucía).

Bodega: Sanchez Romate.

Varieties : 100% palomino.

Appearance: Color mahogany-red high layer and abundant tears well and dense.

Nose: The nose is quite high intensity. -higos dried fruit aromas, uvas- orange peel, caramel, chocolate, mushrooms and intense notes of hazelnut in both the nose and aftertaste.

TASTE: The palate has the exactly concentration, medium volume and alcoholic strength may not appeal to nonusers of sherry. the best is the aftertaste is very long and powerful sensations of nuts. We could say that is wine of meditation. It remains long after being ingested, a real miracle that only occurs in wines that are not of Jerez.

Tipo de VinoMedium
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - MomentsI have been invited to a dinner!
Pairing - People“The central core”
Pairing - MusicThe Rolling Stones

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