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Mirame cuando te hablo

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"Mírame cuando te hablo" (Look at me when I speak to you) is a wine from the Jerez-owned Sanchez Romate winery and belongs to a trilogy of sherries presented in a renewing manner that they have called "Unusual Sherries". The trilogy will be composed of "Mírame cuando te hablo" which is what we are talking about, "Voy a perder la cabeza" and "Fuego? No Thanks".

Sánchez Romate Hnos S.A.

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The wine Look at me when I speak is a wine belonging to a trilogy, which is completed with the wines "I'm going to lose" and "Fire? No Thanks. " It is made with the varieties Palomino Fino and Moscatel de Alejandria and it is also a Pale Cream wine, belonging to the generous wines of Jerez.

It is a yellow straw colored wine, with aromas of marzipan, raisins, citrus, woods, nuts and salt sensations, leaving a very pleasant finish.

Tell this when you serve: The label is made by the illustrator Lore Vigil-Escalera (Art Director On and Offline, an agency that counts among its clients with Heineken, Samsung, Easyjet and a long etc.) and shows the legs of a woman with a shoe high heel, a statement of the modern and innovative character of this collection.

Tipo de VinoPale Cream
VariedadPalomino Fino, Moscatel de Alejandria
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry

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