Duquesa Pedro Ximenez Reserva Especial

Duquesa Pedro Ximenez Reserva Especial


Pedro Ximénez is obtained from the overly ripe grapes of the same name which are dried in the sun to obtain a must with an exceptionally high concentration of sugar. Its ageing process, which is exclusively oxidative, gives the wine a progressive aromatic concentration and greater complexity, whilst fully preserving the characteristic freshness of the variety.


The Sánchez Romate Special Reserve range includes a classic Pedro Ximénez, young, about 8 years of aging, with an exquisite taste, which is a pure raisin liquor. Ideal for desserts or in kitchen, Duquesa is a gentle and delicious Pedro Ximénez. Try it also with very cured cheeses, blue cheeses, etc. It is a spectacular contrast.

Dark mahogany, dense. Subtle, delicate aromas. The Pedro Ximénez grapes make this wine sweet and unctuous on the mouth, while it preserves elegant notes of oak. Excellent with dessert to accompany for ice cream, pastries and blue cheese.

Production and Ageing

Pedro Ximénez wine is obtained from grapes of the same name which then undergo a traditional process known as "sunning", whereby the fruit turns to raisins. Musts are obtained after pressing which have an extraordinarily high concentration of sugars and a certain degree of colouring, whose fermentation is stopped by adding wine alcohol.

Ageing is exclusively oxidative in nature, facilitating a progressive aromatic concentration and increasing complexity, though always ensuring not to lose the fresh, fruity characteristics of the grape variety

Colours: Dark mahogany, very dense

Aromas: Smooth, delicate, raisins with hints of oak

Flavours: Very sweet, unctuous, raisiny, velvety, smooth

Gastronomy: Dessert wine, ice cream, pastries, blue cheese

Did You Know?

Pedro Ximénez is probably the sweetest wine in the world? Yet despite this, its complexity of aroma and flavour make it fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raisining by “asoleo”, or drying the grapes in the sun. This concentrates the sugars but also the natural acidity of the grapes.

Serving Tips

Pedro Ximénez should be served slightly chilled, at between 12 and 14ºC, though the younger wines may be served at lower temperatures.

It is a dessert in itself, though combining exceptionally well with desserts based on slightly bitter chocolate, with ice-creams and blue cheeses of great intensity, such as Cabrales or Roquefort.

Tipo de Vino
Pedro Ximénez
Pedro Ximénez
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - Moments
Secrets shared
Pairing - People
The Family
Pairing - Music
The Rolling Stones
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