Amontillado Romate

Amontillado Romate


Amontillado is a very unique wine due to its two-stage ageing process: first under the veil of flor, typical for Fino and Manzanilla, followed by a period in which the flor disappears and the wine is exposed to oxidation. Made from palomino grapes, this fusion of ageing processes makes Amontillado wines extraordinarily complex and intriguing.


Amontillado is a sherry wine which combines an ageing process typical for Finos and Manzanillas: ageing under the veil of flor, with a later period in which the veil of flor disappears and the wine is exposed to oxidation. These wines are complex and interesting, as they are made from Palomino grapes.

This is an elegant amontillado which ranges from pale topaz to amber in colour. Its subtle, delicate bouquet has an ethereal base smoothed by aromas of hazelnut and plants, reminiscent of aromatic herbs and dark tobacco.

Light and smooth in the mouth with well-balanced acidity; both complex and evocative, giving way to a dry finish and lingering aftertaste with a hint of nuts and wood.

Production and Ageing

Amontillado is a unique wine produced from the complete fermentation of palomino grape must. The fruit of the fusion of two different types of ageing processes (both biological and oxidative), Amontillado is, as a result, an extraordinarily complex and interesting sherry.

The first stage of its fascinating ageing process takes place, as in the case of Fino and Manzanilla, under a layer of flor and these early years spent in the criaderas lend the wine a sharp pungent note which enhances its dryness on the palate. At a particular moment in time the flor begins to disappear, giving way to a second stage of oxidative ageing which gradually darkens the wine and enhances its concentration and complexity.

Did You Know?

There is a wide range of Amontillados, resulting from the different stages that occur between the two ageing phases that the wine is made from: biological and oxidative. Thus, some Amontillados have a paler color with very sharp notes and faint memories of yeast, from being aged longer with the flor. In others, however, the notes of oxidative aging—spices and wood—predominate.

Serving Tips

Amontillado should be served at a temperature of between 12 and 14º C.

It is an ideal wine to accompany soups and consommés, white meat, blue fish (tuna), wild mushrooms and semi-cured cheeses.

It also combines perfectly with vegetables such as asparagus and artichokes.

Tipo de Vino
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - Moments
It’s my turn to cook today!
Pairing - People
Those who accompany you while you cook

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