Oloroso Romate

Oloroso Romate


Wine with an amber to mahogany color, darker the longer it is aged. Its aromas are warm and round, and as its name indicates, they are complex and powerful. With pronouncedaromas of nuts, such as walnut, toasted, vegetal and balsamic notes that recall noble wood, blonde tobacco and dried leaves.



The Oloroso wine Romate is made with Palomino grapes. The special structure that it shows from the beginning advises tasters to use it for oxidative aging. That is why alcohol is added up to 17°, thus preventing the development of the flor veil, which causes the wine to age exposed to oxygen. The result is a very structured and complex wine. It belongs to the Sherry wines.

In the mouth they are tasty and very structured wines. You can appreciate spicy and animal notes reminiscent of truffle and leather. Powerful, round and full-bodied. Their glycerin content makes them soft to the palate. They have a long stay in the mouth and complex retronasal aromas. Notes of noble wood stand out, leading to a very elegant drying finish.

Did you know?

Although sometimes Olorosos reach relatively high alcohol content, even above 20% vol., this is simply the result of the long aging process, in which the butt goes allowing the evaporation of an important part of the water contained in the wine, thus concentrating not only the alcohol, but also the rest of the components that provide aromas, flavors and complexity.

Service and consumption

The ideal serving temperature of Oloroso is between 12º and 14º C

El Oloroso, as its name indicates, is a wine of enormous aromatic complexity. Its strong personality places it at the level of dishes with character in which it unfolds its full potential. It is the most appropriate wine for red meats and game.

It combines perfectly with meat stews or stews; especially with gelatinous meats such as oxtail or cheek. Exceptional pairing for mushrooms, as well as forvery mature cheeses.

Tipo de Vino
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - Moments
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