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Cardenal Mendoza Angelus

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In 1887 the owners of the Sánchez Romate wineries began to make a different and unique brandy for private consumption. Its quality soon drives a growing fame and the winery decides to market it under the name of Cardenal Mendoza.

Sánchez Romate Hnos S.A.

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The most exclusive part of Cardenal Mendoza, the Los Angeles part, takes on a new dimension in the form of liquor. Angêlus is a liquor based on Brandy de Jerez.

The most recent addition to the Sanchez Romate range, Cardinal Mendoza Angelus, was created by the former foreman to try to convey the fragrance of orange blossoms that flooded the Bodega patio every spring.

This essence, in combination with the aromas and perfumes of the Jerez wine boots and brandies that matured in the nearby buildings, was what our foreman tried to define as the aroma of the city that is our home, Jerez de la Frontera. He set to work, trying to capture the union of the city with the combination of aromas and flavors in a new spirit drink.

The Foreman started by adding and maturing sweet and bitter orange peels from the trees that covered the Bodega patio, to the famous brandy he was already producing. After receiving the praises of those who tasted his new creation, he responded by saying that he had simply collected "the angelic characteristics of the Cardinal (our brandy)"

The maceration of natural ingredients and the distillation process take place in an old and prestigious distillery founded in 1824, famous for its distillation process in a water bath.

Using Cardenal Mendoza Clásico as a base, the Angelus is made using a mixture of essences of natural ingredients, mainly sweet and bitter orange peel and cardamom, then aged in boots that have contained sherry wines to achieve a perfect balance.

These create a unique, original and tremendously versatile product.

Mahogany in color with amber hues and highlights. On the nose it has freshness, complex citrus and spicy notes that evoke aromas of dried fruit. On the palate it offers an explosion of citrus notes with a lot of the bitterness of oranges, very sophisticated traces of spices and a light toasted touch, all balanced by some sweetness. The end seems to have no end.

How to enjoy it

Cardenal Mendoza Angelus is wonderfully versatile. It is delicious alone or with a little honey as a remedy for cold winters for its spicy notes. At other times of the year it can be taken with ice in a long drink with a slice of orange and lemonade or mineral water. You can also create sophisticated versions of the Alexander cocktail, stirred with ice and fresh cream. In the kitchen, he makes fantastic Crepes Suzette and a few drops are enough to enhance any fruit salad.

Tipo de VinoBrandy
Denominación de OrigenJerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - PeopleFriends, the more, the better
Pairing - MusicThe Barber of Seville

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