Regente Palo Cortado Reserva Especial

Regente Palo Cortado Reserva Especial


TheWine Regente Palo Cortado Reserva Especial is a Palo Cortado wine, prepared by the Bodegas Sánchez Romate, with the variety of Palomino grape. It is one of the wines de Jerez The elaboration of Palo Cortado is the most tangible example of the need for the Jerez winemaker to clearly identify the true vocation of each type of wine and to act accordingly. consequence.


'Palo cortado' is a wine halfway between oloroso and amontillado, it is the great icon of Jerez wine and 'Regente', from Bodegas Sánchez Romate, is one of the best young Palos Cortados, understanding that relative youth in about 15 years of average aging. A highly complex wine that combines the aromatic delicacy of Amontillado and the fullness on the palate of Oloroso.


From brown to mahogany color, its aroma presents a wide variety of nuances, harmoniously combining the characteristic notes of amontillados and olorosos with other citrus, reminiscent of to bitter orange, and lactic, such as fermented butter. Its palate is round, deep and voluminous at the same time, presenting the aromatic notes in the aftertaste with a soft and delicate expression, in a pleasant and lasting finish.

The Palomino Fino variety offers us this fragrant Palo Cortado with golden amber reflections. The aromas of wood, almonds and nuts, together with its spicy softness on the palate, make it ideal to combine with cheese, nuts and Iberian ham. It is fine, elegant, seductive, and has a very delicate palate. It is perfect if you want to begin to enter the world of sherry and the world of palo cortado.

Production and Aging

These are wines made from extremely fine palomino musts, initially headed at 15% vol. and identified with a "stick" or oblique stripe. At the end of the sobretabla phase, the confirmation by the tasters of the existence of certain very specific characteristics in some of the boots in which the flower veil has been maintained , will determine their classification as potential Cut Clubs (illustrated on boots with a horizontal stripe cutting the original "club").

Wine once again leads above 17% vol. thus leading to a oxidative aging process.

Did You Know?

In the old days, when the wines settled” in the “botas” as they call barrels in Jerez, they were classified with a line if they were considered suitable for “fino</ strong> and put the degree of alcoholization; if the characteristics of the wine opted for oloroso, they were marked with two lines and it was aged at 18º, in the first case biological aging was carried out and in the second oxidative aging.

If the foremen saw in the barrel different characteristics provided by the casks or by the grapes and herein lies the mystery since the wine The result was neither fine nor odorous, to distinguish it they marked it with a transversal line on the first stick and from there comes the name of cut stick whichhas characteristics of oloroso and amontillado which gives it a personality and a very personal and unique style.

Service and consumption

"Meditation wine", ideal for slow tasting, immersing us in the different nuances and harmonies that this exceptional wine offers us. It can be accompanied by some nuts, cured cheeses and, at the table, well-concentrated broths, stews or gelatinous meats (oxtail, cheeks...)

Tipo de Vino
Palo Cortado
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - Moments
A good Havana cigar
Pairing - People
She/ He
Pairing - Music
Lole y Manuel

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