Fino en rama Flor de Macharnudia

Fino en rama Flor de Macharnudia


El Fino en Rama Flor de Macharnudo from Bodegas Santa Petronila, is a Fino from Jerez made from Palomino Fino vines over 35 years old planted in albariza soil in the Santa Petronila Vineyard, in the lower area of ​​Pago de Macharnudo, a house-vineyard characteristic of Marco de Jerez, from the mid-19th century, with very very old vines. Here, the wines are made in a traditional and artisanal way, with fermentation in the barrel and bottled in the branch, without filtering, with very reduced productions, in the considered smallest winery in Jerez, also betting on wine tourism at the foot of the vineyard. The Fino en Rama, by the very concept of the wine, presents slight turbidity but all the flavor and aroma of the veil flower.


This fine wine, on the vine (without filtering or clarifying), dry, almond-shaped and very fragrant, has been made with the fully ripened palomino fine grape variety. Its biological aging is carried out by the traditional system of criaderas and soleras for about ten years, in old American oak casks at the Viña Santa Petronila Winery, considered the smallest Jerez wine cellar in the world.

The annual production is about 800 bottles per year. Selected from one of the best Macharnudo vineyards in the Marco de Jerez, with the white albariza earth, crucial in the manufacture of these high quality sherry wines. The clay, calcium and fossil composition of sea sediments have an effect on the salty taste of the grapes, which in the sunlight helps ripening. This albariza, formed by siliceous shells of very fluffy diatomaceous algae; it allows to conserve in the subsoil the hydric reserve for the constant nutrition of the vineyard, which is not watered; factors that give the unique singularity to the wines of Santa Petronila, in Macharnudo Bajo, from the superior Jerez area. Geographical orientation Northeast-Southwest, under the influence of the fresh Atlantic winds from the West in alternation with the dry ones from the East (Levante).

Made with grapes of the Palomino Fino variety, harvested by hand in the Santa Petronila vineyard, on albariza soil in the lower area of ​​Pago de Macharnudo (Jerez). Artisan fermentation in 600 l Amarican oak casks, after which the must is topped at 16º with wine alcohol. Biological aging under a veil of flower for about 6 years, the wine is bottled in branch, that is, without filtering or stabilizing.

It has a raised straw yellow color, with a golden hue in the glass, reflecting that aging under a flower veil and a ripe old age. Expressive, complex, saline, pungent and long aging, floral and fruity aromatic aroma. In the mouth it is persistent, tasty, fine bitterness, while delicate and fresh on the palate. With an almond aftertaste, it will leave us a pleasant sensation of freshness, giving more flavor to the food.

Santa Petronila is a wine with 15.5% alcohol, very aged and very fine, perfect not only as a tasty aperitif, but also to accompany seafood, ham, sushi, salmon, other fish or to accompany all meals.

We recommend taking it cold, in a large catavino or a white glass, around 10º. Between 6º-10º as an aperitif and if you want to savor it in all its splendor, between 8º-12º. As it does not have clarification processes, nor filtering, nor preservatives, as it is "En Rama", that is to say from the boot directly to the bottle, it is advisable to consume before three months, and once opened, if you have leftovers (that I doubt), enjoy it the next weekend.

Tipo de Vino
Vinos de Autor
Denominación de Origen
Jerez - Xérès - Sherry
Pairing - Moments
How about order sushi?
Pairing - People
“The central core”
Pairing - Music
Lole y Manuel


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