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La ola del Melillero

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La Ola del Melillero is the name of the first "tranquil" dry white wine that launches the Victoria Ordóñez winery on the market and for which the Pedro Ximénez grape from the MOntes de Málaga, an autochthonous variety that has been disused for almost two years, has been used. centuries.

Victoria Ordoñez

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The wine La Ola el Melillero is a white wine. This wine is different because it combines elegance and freshness. It is made with the Pedro Ximénez variety (70%) and assembled with the Moscatel grape (30%).

The wine is bright yellow. The nose is a delicate wine with a bouquet of white flowers. The palate is acid, fresh, balanced and complex.

You can tell this when serving: The name chosen to baptize, La Ola del Melillero, is a term that refers to the sudden and ephemeral rise in sea level on the beaches of the capital of Malaga due to the arrival at the port of the ship of high speed that makes the maritime route Melilla - Malaga.

This phenomenon tends to catch foreign swimmers unaware. "La Ola del Melillero conveys freshness because it refers to the sea and to a surprising and refreshing fact", according to Victoria Ordoñez.

For the launch, attention has been paid to the design of the bottle and the label, which pays homage to the spas of Malaga in the 19th century, a time of splendor for the wines of Málaga.

Tipo de VinoBlanco
VariedadPedro Ximenez, Moscatel
Denominación de OrigenDO Sierra de Málaga
Pairing - MomentsAppetiser
Pairing - PeopleFriends, the more, the better
Pairing - MusicChambao

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