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The malagueña Victoria Ordóñez has brought to light a wine that was left to make 200 years ago and has now recovered again. It is an authentic dry 'mountain wine' made with Pedro Ximénez grapes from the Alta Axarquía and which in the 18th century was already famous all over the world.

Victoria Ordoñez

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The Monticara wine is a wine that was stopped making 200 years ago and that has now recovered again. It is a real dry 'mountain wine' made with Moscatel grapes and which in the 18th century was already famous all over the world.

Moscatel grape of Málaga is one of the native varieties of the Denomination of Origin. Its origin dates back to the arrival of the Phoenicians to the coast of Malaga by the s. VII a.n.e. Although, traditionally, it has been vinified as sweet wine, recently, since the XXI century that begins to be vinified as dry wine. MONTICARA represents the first barrel vinification of this variety.

It is a pale yellow wine with golden touches. On the nose there is a strong mineral load and aromas of fennel and fresh herbs. Its passage through the mouth is special for its freshness as well as forcefulness. Ideal to accompany salted fish and all kinds of birds.

You can tell this when serving: Monticara means 'face that gives the mountain' and have been launched exclusively on the market 1,900 bottles, which makes it a unique Malaga wine.

Tipo de VinoBlanco
Denominación de OrigenDO Sierra de Málaga
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - PeopleYour best friend
Pairing - MusicPereza

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