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The cellar Emilio Lustau was founded in 1896 by José Ruiz-Berdejo, a judicial clerk who grew vines on his farm named Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, in the outskirts of Jerez, where he stored the wines and then sold them to a wide variety of export wineries. He was also warehouseman. In 1940, his son-in-law Emilio Lustau Ortega relocated the cellar to the old quarter of Santiago, and would not be until 1950 when they would pass from warehouses to the category of "Exporters of wines of Jerez".

From the 80s, under the direction of Rafael Balao, it became one of the most innovative companies in Jerez. In 1990 the fate of Emilio Lustau S.A. change when passing into the hands of the company Luis Caballero S.A., giving them the possibility of development and expansion.

Proof of this is the acquisition in 2001 of the Los Arcos winery complex. In 2008, it acquired four of the most distinctive brands in the history of Jerez wine: La Ina, Botaina, Rio Viejo and Viña 25. Bodegas Lustau, sells more than forty wines, which come from wineries located in the three towns that make up the Jerez area: El Puerto de Santa María, Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

They have an impressive cathedral winery, called Las Cruces, owned by an old Scottish family, Los Makensy, and which host the boots of the famous wine, La InaSpanish sherry, you can buy it at Bodegas Andalucia, get closer to the most characteristic wine of Andalusia.

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16,90 €

The mild climate that it has throughout the year El Puerto de Santa María exerts a crucial influence on the development of Finos. The flower develops under exceptional conditions. Marked aroma of "flower" with mineral background and notes of apricot. Its freshness and fullness make this wine a true reflection of the classic style of El Puerto Fino. An...

16,90 €

The climate of Jerez de la Frontera gives the wines more body and a more rounded style. A wine with a bright golden yellow colour with coppery reflections. With intense aromas of "flower" and mineral and herbaceous background. Unctuous and elegant.

20,00 €

From an exclusive sole of only ten boots. Golden color, elegant and classic Amontillado, sharp and aromatic with fine oak notes. Countersunk and complex on the palate, with a persistent and dry finish. 92 Parker points.

16,95 €

From Almacenista Manuel Cuevas Jurado, after his biological upbringing as Manzanilla, is followed by a period of oxidative aging. Of old gold color and soft and hazelnut flavor, it recalls the caramel on the nose, with a long and elegant aftertaste. 92 points Wine Spectator

18,90 €

Very pale yellow. In addition to yeast, its aroma and flavor remind almonds. Very dry on the palate. 93 points Wine Spectator.

15,50 €

From Almacenista Manuel Cuevas Jurado, is characterized by a seven-year aging. Pale straw color, very aromatic, with hints of green apples and the saline touch of the sea breeze. Very dry and fresh, with body. 90 points Parker.

15,75 €

From Almacenista Juan García-Jarana, this Oloroso comes from an exclusive sole of only 38 boots. Mahogany color, with aromas of nuts and memories of pipe tobacco. Reminiscences of nuts on the palate, with a long finish and a slightly sweet aftertaste. 91 points Parker

20,00 €

Mahogany in shades with persimmons. Fragrant and concentrated smoky aroma. Complex flavor of truffle, dark chocolate and spices, with a long and clean finish.

19,00 €

Aged for more than 20 years in the Solera y Criaderas system. The limited Solera of this wine has only 22 boots. A very old wine, unctuous and full of personality that is bottled "in branch" to keep its characteristics intact. A genuine and complex cut stick.

10,50 €

It is a classic Amontillado, with a touch of sweetness, good balance and prominent character and age. Amber with golden hues. Aromas of ripe fruit, with hints of wood and raisins. 93 points Parker

85,75 €

The sole of this Brandy de Jerez Gran Reserva with more than 34 years of aging consists of only 5 American oak boots that previously aged Oloroso wine, which gives it its unique character.

15,95 €

Bodegas Lustau is considered today as the worldwide benchmark when it comes to top quality sherry wines.His commitment to combining tradition and innovation and the search for the highest quality in his wines have accompanied him since his modest beginning.

26,95 €

Bodegas Lustau is considered today as the worldwide benchmark when it comes to top quality sherry wines.His commitment to combining tradition and innovation and the search for the highest quality in his wines have accompanied him since his modest beginning.

20,00 €

Each component of this wine - Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez - is aged in its own solera. The result is a mahogany-colored wine, with smoky aromas of raisined fruit. Soft and sweet on the palate, with delicate acidity at the end.

17,50 €

Oloroso of old gold color, with penetrating aromas of wood. Memories of dark chocolate, nuts and roasted chestnuts. Very long on the palate, attenuated with a slight acidity. 94 Parker points.

18,00 €

One of the great icons of Lustau. Its aging reproduces the one that in the XVII century the wines developed in the transatlantic trips to the distant Spanish colonies. Dark mahogany color with bronze highlights. Concentrates aromas of ripe fruit, mocha, cocoa and toffee. Very complex on the palate, with clean acidity. Flavor with raisins, walnuts and...

9,50 €

Characteristic Fine Sherry Wine, dry, light and sharp, with an almond aroma and a low acid palate. 90 points Parker.

9,00 €

Made in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Extraordinarily dry and light. Pungent and fresh on the palate, with refreshing acidity. 92 Parker points. The highest score ever awarded to a Chamomile.

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