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What Wine I Buy?


I love to break the rules and go against the grain, I think it's the most fun way to live, to get out of the line, to sit in a different seat than you've been told, to quit your job because you're not happy and want to start a natural southern wine company on the internet...in short, all those things that people look at you funny for and tell you you're crazy.

Following this philosophy, I have always wondered why you have to follow some rules to drink wine: "red wine for meat and white wine for fish". I believe that drinking wine is a moment of pleasure, of enjoyment, and I also believe that these moments are better if we share them with people or with music, since both are part of our lives and our moments.

I invite you to live different experiences, to match what you like with the moment you choose, the soundtrack you prefer as a pillow and the person or persons with whom you feel like sharing that life that will never be repeated.

I hope you enjoy something different, inviting you to dream and share, so that, as I always say, you find Your South and interpret what the South is for you, because it is the essence of the wines you will find here.




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