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TheXiménez Spínola Winery is located in the most prominent wine-growing region in southern Spain, within a fertile triangle formed by the municipalities of Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María. This location is not just a geographical point, but the heart of a tradition that has turned the winery into a reference in the history and wine culture of Andalusia.

Tradition with Unique Character

Bodega Ximénez Spínola stands out among the wineries of Andalusia for its history, its approach in the quality and exclusivity of its wines. Each bottle is the result of a careful production process, designed to stand out among the most select of the region. The dedication and meticulous care in her work are evident, which significantly distinguishes her in the Andalusian wine scene.

Exceptional Terroir of Andalusia

The productive region where Bodega Ximénez Spínola is located is privileged, with limestone soils near the mouth of the Guadalquivir River . The sediments and fossils accumulated over millions of years, together with extraordinary humidity and long hours of direct sun, have created unbeatable conditions for viticulture. This terroir, unique in its kind, is recognized worldwide and considered the best warm climate in Europe for growing grapes.

Specialization in the Pedro Ximénez Grape

The specialty of Bodega Ximénez-Spínola is the Pedro Ximénez grape, a variety that defines its identity and distinguishes it within the framework of Jerez. The tradition of working exclusively with this grape, introduced to the Iberian Peninsula during the reign of Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, has led the winery to receive recognition and the "Pedro Ximénez Varietal Designation of Own Accreditation" by the Spanish authorities.

Legacy and Continuity

The history of Bodega Ximénez-Spínola dates back to 1729, with a documented history of exclusive dedication to grapes Pedro Ximénez. Over the centuries, the family has maintained its commitment to quality over quantity, a philosophy that has ensured its position as an independent, family-owned company. Today, in its ninth generation, the winery continues to honor the legacy of its founders, keeping alive the tradition of slow fermentation that makes its wines unparalleled products.

Ximénez Spínola Winery invites you to experience the result of generations of dedication and passion for viticulture. When tasting a Ximénez Spínola, you taste not only a wine, but the unique history and character of Andalusia.

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