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Looking for the differentiation, Victoria Ordóñez decided to include in her wines the native variety Pedro Ximénez from the Montes de Málaga, the grape of the Malaga wines par excellence, since only in Malaga it was cultivated, and that, during the XVII to XIX centuries, gave origin and international fame to the Malaga wine.

Rescue of Native Varieties

The Victoria Ordóñez Winery, faithful to its commitment to wine excellence, has decided to give an innovative twist to its wines by incorporating the distinguished native variety Pedro Ximénez de los Montes de Málaga. This grape, recognized as the emblem of Malaga wines, stood out exclusively in the fields of Malaga during the 17th to 19th centuries, giving international renown to the region's wine.

 The Search for Pedro Ximénez

The process to obtain the practically non-existent Pedro Ximénez involved months of exhaustive research. It was necessary to carefully trace small plots of old vineyards in which this variety had lost its presence. A laborious selection task was carried out to distinguish Pedro Ximénez from other varieties that coexist in these lands.For this challenge, the collaboration of the DD Regulatory Council. 00. 'Málaga' and 'Sierras de Málaga' were fundamental.

New Territories, New Varieties

In addition to the reintroduction of the Pedro Ximénez from the Montes de Málaga Natural Park, the Victoria Ordóñez Winery has decided to continue its foray into diversity winery also betting on the Moscatel grape, another native variety of the region. This choice is not a coincidence, since Victoria Ordóñez has a deep knowledge of this variety, the result of his long professional career. In this case, the search was extended to the vineyards of the Alta Axarquía of Malaga, located at almost 1000 meters of altitude, in the impressive surroundings of the Sierra Tejeda Natural Park.

Sustained Growth: Trajectory since 2015

The Victoria Ordóñez Winery began its journey with the 2015 harvest. Since then, it has experienced constant growth, both in production volume and in the development of new oenological projects. This commitment to quality and innovation positions it as a reference in the wine scene not only in Malaga, but also nationally and internationally. The commitment to rescue and highlight native varieties is a testimony of its commitment to tradition and oenological excellence.

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