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Bodegas Arfe, where wine is art. An art that leads to produce the only wine of Jerez designed and created in 2000 by Luis Arroyo to taste it today: Palo Cortado De la Cruz 1767. A singular wine with personality designed with the characteristics that its author has conferred both in the production and in its aging. A story with a lot of passion.

Bodegas Arfe

Bodegas Arfe, is located in one of the most traditional towns in Andalusia: Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). These wineries, located in one of the oldest flamenco neighborhoods in Jerez, El Barrio de San Miguel. A neighborhood, where you can enjoy flamenco, its streets, its flamenco clothing stores, the footing of dance and Andalusian art. Luis Arroyo, is the creator of the wine that has been raised and aged in Bodegas Arfe since 2000 and that saw the light in 2016, the only Autor de Jerez wine: Palo Cortado de la Cruz 1767. In these Bodegas, they feel the aromas, some wineries, full of art, unique architecture and history. Located at the highest point of old Jerez. The street where they are located is called Windmills, since there were some mills, a privileged situation.

Sherry wine, is one of the most characteristic of Spain, be sure to try it and enjoy this special wine.

History of Bodegas Arfe

Luis, has a long history in the world of wine, since he was more than 25 years, directing the Garvey Wineries, it was in 2000, when he decided to create his own winery, to be able to carry out his own dream. His dream, to make an Author wine within the wines of Jerez, a wine with personality.

Taking care of each of the details, to create the perfect gear, to achieve the Palo Cortado. He was looking for a winery with history and found a beautiful old Jerez Winery, with a long history, renovated in 1767, but preserving each of the stories that happened in it. It preserves the original floor of Losa de Tarifa, one of the few wineries, that still preserves it, since it has a functionality, to maintain the humidity of the environment naturally. It is defined by its shield, with a cross made with anchors on the waves, the Cruz del Mar, which gives rise to the name of the wine: De la Cruz 1767. Luis chose 216 casks between 40 and 50 years old, since fine wine creates a layer of crystallization in the pore of the wood that helps the wine not pierce and extract too much, the characteristics of the wood.

Getting a less astringent and easy to drink wine. His dream, the elaboration of a unique, scarce and quality wine that could age calmly, a wine, with character, fresh and personality. For this, he chose a Palomino Fino grape, which grows near the sea. A Palo Cortado made with first-class must, chose oxidative aging because it maintains glycerin, providing a buttery characteristic, which makes its Palo Cortado easy to drink. And after many years of rest, his personal and authentic Palo Cortado De la Cruz 1767 was released, with a limited annual production of 6,000 bottles. Soft, fresh and nuts are the protagonists that invite you to drink, without satiating or cloying. To date, Bodegas Arfe has already received great national and international awards.

Jerez wine, is a very characteristic Spanish wine with a great flavor, try Jerez wines.

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