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In the middle of the last century, Antonio Galán, a viticulturist and farmer from Montilla with great entrepreneur mindset, managed to found a small winery next to his children. It did not take many years when they realized the enormous potential that Pedro Ximénez had, and despite the difficulty of their preparation and their great unknowledge, they decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to the production of these wines.

Bodegas Galán Portero is a family business located in the town of Montilla, within the regulatory framework of the protected designation of origin of Montilla-Moriles, famous wine land. Its origin was established in the mid-twentieth century.

The founders, Don Antonio Galán López and Doña Soledad Portero Urbano were a Montillano couple dedicated to the work in the countryside. They had fought to grow, in different locations of the Cordoba countryside, in projects that led them to buy, cultivate and collect, changing lands when a possibility of improvement arose.

At that time, with some children already willing to help in the family tasks, it was decided to found a small winery, a family business where, as a result of the wonderful vineyards of the region, produce quality wines. The beginnings were hard, struggling to find a niche in an established market and not easy, as is the wine montillano.

As usual, they started producing fine wines, carefully taking care of the production, but soon they realized the difficulty, competition and price fluctuations of these markets, and consequently they decided on something risky but exciting; make sweet wines Pedro Ximénez. Wines made from sunny grapes to raisin.

In this situation, they decided to advocate for producing an excellent quality wine, despite the complication and cost involved. With his vineyard, Antonio and his sons worked with great sweet wines of recognized quality, taking advantage of the fact that the terrain, the climate, and especially the grape variety, Pedro Ximénez, lent themselves in a unique way to elaborate the wine shows since then the winery.

There are several legends about the origin of this wine. Since it was a soldier called Pedro Ximénez who, from the Valley of the Rhine, brought the first strain to his native Córdoba; until who assures that the origin is in Portugal or Greece. The truth is that the genealogy of the vineyards of the region of Montilla-Moriles dates back to the Roman period, where more than 2,000 years ago wine, together with oil, was exported in amphorae that crossed the Mediterranean to the capital of the Roman Empire.

The remains of Cordoba ceramics found in the house of Seneca testify that the illustrious philosopher supplied his house with wines from this Andalusian region. Pedro Ximénez is a variety of grapes morphologically round, thin skin, almost transparent. It finds its ideal habitat in dry and hot climates, where it provides generous wines of high quality and high natural alcoholic strength. Its high sensitivity to humid climates has caused it to stop growing in coastal settings, focusing its most exclusive and higher quality production in our Montilla-Moriles environment. Soil is a major factor in the quality of all wines. In the framework of Montilla-Moriles prevail albarizas lands, some of them with a high content of silica, ideal

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