The best wedding wines

In order to celebrate the wedding of your dreams, it is essential that you use an excellent wedding wine.

Wedding wine is a symbol of abundance, excellence, joy and life.

There is a beautiful story that compares the wedding wine with the couple because in the beginning both grapes come from different clusters which symbolizes the family.

If we look at them as individuals, each grape has its own stem, its own beliefs, customs, thoughts and goals, but by going through a process of distillation and fermentation, reflecting the courtship, it can produce an excellent wine, which represents the marriage.

At the time of celebrating a wedding we choose the dream dress, the best flowers for the decoration, not less important is the choice of the wedding wine to decide which wine to serve, you have to consider from the place of the reception and the dishes that will integrate the menu to the tastes and usual consumption of your guests.

There are different wedding wines that can be served for the toast or to accompany the food at the wedding lunch or dinner.

Some of the wedding wines include the following:

White wine goes well with almost everything, due to its mild and light flavor. It is the best accompaniment especially for fish, seafood, soups and pasta. A slightly acidic taste will go very well if your wedding is in the evening or outdoors.

Red wines are the best for places with cold climates or for evening celebrations, because the flavor of the wood penetrates them and makes them drier. If your wedding will be in autumn or winter, this is the right choice, but keep in mind that when it is cold outside, more wine is drunk outside. Also, the menu that goes best with this wine is beef and veal, as well as cheeses. Perfect pairing!

Rosé wine is very versatile, as both red and white meats and pastas go well with it. It could be said that it is an intermediate step between white and red wine, as it has more body than the former, but it is not as strong as the latter. They also have the fruitiest flavor of all the options. Because they contain less alcohol than the others, they are very good for morning events.

Sparkling wine or Champagne are perfect for a toast, why? Because of the bubbles! They should preferably be served at 9°C or less. These drinks are the best choice if your wedding will be very early in the day, as they are fresh and sweet. We recommend an extra brut or a cava brut because of their sugar levels. They go very well with poultry and seafood.

vino de boda

It is important that when deciding which wedding wine to use you take into account the following aspects: the climate, the place where it is produced, the place where the wedding will be held, the temperature the wines will have at the time of serving, the food you will serve, the style of the wedding, the season of the year, the number of guests, how many bottles you will serve per table.

If you will offer only one type of wedding wine or if you will offer white wine, sparkling wine and red wine or rosé wine at the same time; if you will give wedding wine only as an accompaniment to the food or if you will also use it to toast or receive your guests.

These are factors that will help you choose a good wedding wine and have the right amount.

It is not the same to serve a rosé wine as a wedding wine if you serve seafood, when the best choice as a wedding wine in that case would be to serve a sparkling wine.

That is why we want to offer you the best selection of wedding wine, so that in that magical moment you have an excellent drink to celebrate with your loved ones that special and long-awaited moment.

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