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Rufina is a red wine from the Sierra de Málaga, made from 100% Syrah. This wine is a signature wine, and it is an organic wine.

Descalzos Viejos

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"Rufina" together with "Iusta" makes up the "Las Santas" collection (Santas Justa and Rufina), produced in very small quantities and not every year. Rufina is a 100% Syrah monovarietal wine aged for 16 months in oak barrels with sweet wine from the Malaga region of La Axarquia (D.O. Malaga).

The "sisters", with a Mediterranean character and an Atlantic spirit, are born and raised at an altitude of 650 metres on the Descalzos Viejos estate, located at the foot of the Tajo de Ronda (Malaga), a place blessed for vineyards by its unique climate and diversity of limestone soils. Wines obtained from environmentally friendly viticulture, made in a traditional way and rested inside the oratory of a convent.

Tell this when you serve it: The winery is a convent of former Trinitarian monks (The Reformed Order of the Barefoot Trinitarians). Due to the landslides it had to be abandoned but only the oldest monks of the convent remained there in charge of the orchards, hence the name of the winery "Descalzos Viejos".

The current owners, Paco and Flavio, both architects, told us that when the convent was restored, some hidden frescos of Santa Justa and Santa Rufina appeared on the high altar and they decided to make some wines in their honour, hence the name of this wine.

Limited production: 1.964 bottles

D.O. Sierras de Málaga

Tipo de VinoTinto
Vinos de AutorEcológico
VariedadSyrah 100%
Denominación de OrigenDO Sierra de Málaga
Pairing - MomentsWine for a present
Pairing - PeopleThe Family
Pairing - MusicSpin Doctors


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