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9,00 €

Let’s know now the first red wine produced by the cellar called La Margarita, It is a red wine made in Constantina, a locality of Seville, naturally from the Tempranillo and Syrah grape varieties.

8,00 €

When I ask Raúl Fernádez, owner of Bodegas La Margarita (Constantina, Sierra Norte de Sevilla), about this wine, he confirms that the idea was to make a wine in line with the first one, Pago del Zancúo, but this time using a different blend with the other varieties planted on the estate.

9,25 €

Mencal is a dry white wine composed of a blend of Moscatel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Torrontés, which, by taking advantage of the climatic and climatic diversity, makes it possible to take advantage of the highest quality cultivation of a large number of varieties.

9,70 €

This brut was not planned to be included in this project, my goal was to focus only on reds, whites and rosés, but the first time I tried Lumé Brut, the feeling of surprise and amazement I felt was such, that it was impossible not to share it with the world, and of course, with all of you who are looking for something different from the traditional.

5,95 €

Fusion of vineyards and native varieties, zalema and Muscat of Alexandria.Reflection of an eternal spring that keeps Doñana.

8,99 €

Atuna is the line of white wines that winemaker from Jerez Santiago Jordi is working in the area of ​​Cadiz.

11,20 €

This Ronda wine from Bodegas Doñas Felisa is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes. It is made by cold premaceration of the grape at 12 degrees for 24 hours and subsequent maceration in a stainless steel tank with carbonic snow, all prior to fermentation with selected yeasts in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature.

6,50 €

Pavón is an emblematic fine brand of Caballero Wineries located in El Puerto de Santa María. Fino Pavón is a simple and classic fine but not without the complexity of these generous wines. It is the perfect spring appetizer to accompany with Iberian ham, for example.

11,00 €

From the vineyards of Finca La Blanquita, planted in albariza soils located in El Puerto de Santa María, Contratiempo is born. A young white wine made with 100% Muscatel de Alejandría grape

14,00 €

Vara y Pulgar is a red wine, which is made from the Tintilla de Rota grape variety. This wine from Cadiz is an organic wine. It has recently earned a place among the 20 best wines in the world, according to the critic Eric Asimov in the New York Times.

6,69 €

Viña Barredero wine is a white wine made from the Zalema grape variety. It is a wine from the County of Huelva.

14,50 €

Finca Moncloa 2012 is a Pago wine elaborated in Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz. Recently in Germany the International Competition Mundus Vini was held, where Finca Moncloa received the Gold Medal, being the best valued red wine of Andalusia.

13,00 €

This is the fifth project of Bodega de Forlong born with the aim of becoming part of the wine list of the restaurant El Campero (Barbate, Cádiz), awarded as best restaurant in Spain of fish and seafood by Madrid Fusion 2015 and better A letter by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy in October 2015.

7,45 €

After the success of Delirio Joven, a red wine for young people and not initiated in the world of wine, consumers begin to ask for a "White Delirio", fresher and to drink daily, cold.

10,50 €

Xixarito Manzanilla wine is a Manzanilla wine. This organic wine is made from the Palomino Fino grape. It is a sherry wine.

8,80 €

The third wine of the Delirio family, thus closing the trilogy of "the young people" of Bodegas Muñana, wines made for young people and especially for those who want to enter into this wonderful world of wine, which until then was too "serious" and "boring" according to the owners of the winery in 2009. 

10,00 €

Cueva La Sima is a project by Bodegas La Margarita with a very exclusive production of just 1200 bottles.

23,00 €

Cocolubis is a red wine belonging to Bodegas La Margarita made with 100% Tempranillo, naturally, with night and manual harvests, aging for 22 months in new Spanish oak barrels, which has earned it the title of best aged red wine in the province of Seville in the 1st prize for wines from the province of Seville.

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