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Forlong Rosado

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Forlong Rosé is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This rosé wine is a wine from Cadiz, an organic wine. It has a sweet tooth.


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After releasing a red wine and a white wine, they proposed to make a rosé wine but did not know what type of variety to work in concrete, since although they had Cabernet Sauvignon on the farm, they were selling it to other producers for the aromas That this grape contributes to the wines thanks to the action of the Pyrazine (which gives the aroma to red pepper), in the end they decided to take advantage of it but they used it in a different way, pressing the grape slightly, in order to get to apply the primary flavours of The red fruits since the molecule of the Pyrazine is not present in the worth obtained from the first pressing. It is also necessary to add a very slow fermentation (at least 2 months) as it gets a more sweet wine in the mouth. Being the grape so small, the first time they tried to press it had to fill up this press 3 times so that the first broth began to come out.

You can tell this while serving:  The same rabbit that appears on the label is inspired by the rabbit that appears in "Alice in Wonderland" floating in a pink sea as in the story. According to Alejandro, who is the co-owner with his partner Rocío of the winery, he told me that he wanted to convey that they feel like in a story, since to make a rosy in a winemaking as traditional as the one in Jerez (Fino and Manzanilla) Is something so different, that they feel in another world, a world of wonders to taste, and even more having the success they are having. As he told me: "And especially considering that we do not come from families with winemaking tradition or anything related to the world of wine."

Limited production: 1,358 bottles.

Tipo de VinoRosado
Vinos de AutorEcológico
VariedadCabernet Sauvignon (100%)
Denominación de OrigenVT Cádiz
Pairing - MomentsHow about order sushi?
Pairing - PeopleThose who accompany you while you cook
Pairing - MusicThe Beatles

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